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70-85% THC Free Broad Spectrum Distillate CBD Oil

THC Free Broad Spectrum Distillate Oil

Broad-spectrum CBD THC Free Broad Spectrum is beneficial for users that are seeking the synergistic effects of cannabinoids present in the hemp plant but without any traceable amount of THC.
Our CBD Distillate ranges from around 60-90% total cannabinoids, depending on preference.

70-85% THC Free Broad Spectrum Distillate CBD Oil

70%-85% THC-Free Broad Distillate Spectrum Oil

CBD—short for cannabidiol—is what’s known as a cannabinoid, one of more than 100 chemical compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant. Unlike THC, CBD will not give the user a high feeling that the cannabis plant has been traditionally known for. It is used by consumers to promote a healthy functioning system.

CBD Distillate Cientific Inquiry

1. Reduce Stress and Anxiety
Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate has the ability to both release pleasure hormanes and relax mind. It reduces stress and allows a calming and peaceful feeling to take over the body.
2. Alter Appetite
Depending on hunger-promoting hormone is stimulated, CBD can boost or suppress appetite.
For this reason CBD can help patients with eating disorders or be a natural way to treat obesity.
3. Promote Eye Health
Research shows than CBD helps to naturally treat macular degenration and glaucoma.
4. Reduce Pain
CBD has the ability to relieve chronic pain and inflammation, which is why cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy often turn to CBD for relief. And it’s also why it can be a part of natural fibromyalgia treatment.
5. Boost Heart Health
It may affect blood vessels by causing them to relax and widen. By relaxing blood vessels, CBD presents a natural way to low blood pressure and improve circulation.
6. Protest Skin
Because of its high antioxident properties, CBD helps to fight free radical damage
7. Prevent Cancer
CBD is being considered as a natural cancer treatment as well as cancer preventer option because it may decrease the size of tumors and alleviate nausea, pain, lack of appetite and weakness.



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