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Reliability is another key core value of Aipulimeng. The company invests significant resources to ensure that products meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficacy. It complies with international standards and regulations to meet or exceed customer expectations.


Efficiency is one of the company’s core values . Its efficient system boosts R&D capabilities and increases production efficiency, allowing it to quickly overtake competitors. Aipulimeng’s scientific research team is made up of highly educated experts with years of experience, and they work together to develop innovative products that meet customers’ needs.


Professionalism is another core value of the company. Aipulimeng is committed to creating a professional environment that promotes the potential of its team and fosters professional growth for all employees. Its team stays ahead of the cutting-edge developments in medicine and science to provide the best products and services to customers.


Finally, Aipulimeng emphasizes the meticulousness of its products and services. As a forward-thinking company, it understands the importance of details, and its meticulous attitude and customer-oriented approach make it focus on quality and pay attention to customers’ needs.

One stop supplier for fine chemical

Specialize in API,Intermediates,and CBD, plant extraction, cosmetic raw materials and flavor fragrance.

Aipulimong provids raw materials and services to the nutraceutical and cosmetics markets.

Enterprise spirit: Efficient,Professional,Reliable,Meticulous. 


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Aipulimong develop and manufacture in a responsible way ensuring that our products and production processes comply with the strict quality standards.

Certification Assurance

ISO 9001:2008,ISO14001:2004

Quality Control Management

Meeting international standards, and also try the best to meet customer’s special quality requirements.

Providing customers with safermore eco-friendly products

Providina customers with lona-termstable and sustainable products and services.

Quality assurance

Goods are sold with return or refund guarantee due to quality issue.

It can greatly improve the yield of downstream reaction, reduce the occurrence of side reactions and improve the quality of downstream products. Widely used in high-end fields.

Large-scale production, continuous and stable supply 


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